The old oak tree mural


Lori L. Rodrigues

Date Completed



217 East Main

Citizens Bank building


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The Old Oak mural was painted by artist Lori L Rodrigues in 1997 and can be found at 213 East Main Street. During repaving projects in 1968, the stump from the famous tree was relocated under a gazebo behind the Silverton Country Museum on South Water Street. A quote from local cartoonist Homer Davenport about the stately oak:

“The old Silverton was given a certain dignity by a very large and remarkably shaped old oak tree that stood in the center of Main Street. It was a stately giant. The tree seemed to be the center around which we could build. A tree with stories beyond the first white man it ever saw. The old cock grouse hooting from its moss covered limbs at the break of spring. Painted Indians convening in councils of war, and finally seeing the first white man and his ox team approach. But in 1893 the giant tree g=heard its fate from a jury that were strangers. The old pioneers were away. The old oak was voted ‘guilty’ and was slain. Its huge branches were divided among the town’s people. At the stump were sad men that realized Silverton had to change. My only regret is that we couldn’t have remained the same as we were before the big oak tree was chopped down, as that tree seemed to fit our landscape better than open or paved streets do. To me the old oak always stands and under it the men play marbles.”

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