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Silver Falls Library

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The Fischer Flouring Mill Mural

The Fischer Flouring Mill was once a significant part of Silverton. The mill was located along Silver Creek and utilized hydro power from the creek to power electric turbines.  Originally started as the Oregon Milling Company buildings, it was bought by Henry Fischer in 1898.  The mill originally consisted of two wood-frame; gable roofed buildings that stood on the steep east bank of Silver Creek A wood flume carried water from the small mill opening upstream to the buildings below.  Henry Fischer enlarged and remodeled the original mill to increase its production capacity.  By the mid-1920s the mill, then powered by its own turbine-generated electricity, consisted of a large complex of milling, elevator, warehouse, and office buildings. Production was at its peak during World War I And in the years following, the company’s reputation for quality flour products grew, winning medals and was shipped all over the world. In 1932 with a turn down in business during the Great Depression the mill collapsed financially, taking with it the life savings of many Silverton residents that had invested.  After the collapse of the mill, a group of businessmen pooled funds and bought the property, eventually deeding it to the City of Silverton.  The mill eventually fell into decay and was severely damaged during a windstorm.

The old Fischer Mill office at 408 S. Water St. is the lone survivor, the old mill buildings have been replaced by the Library, the Silverton Country Historical Society and Southern Pacific depot. The mural is located at 400 s Water Street on the Silver Falls Library Building.

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