Bobbie the wonder dog Mural


Lori L Rodrigues

Date Completed



206 South Water Street – Just before the Silverton Coffee Station


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Bobbie The Wonder Dog 

Known as Bobbie the Wonder Dog, Bobbie was a Scotch Collie who made national news back in the 1920s. Owned by the Brazier family – long time Silverton residents – Bobbie was separated from his family during a trip to Wolcott, Indiana on August 15th, 1923. The Braziers diligently searched for their beloved pet, but were forced to eventually continue their journey home without him, afraid they’d never see him again. But much to their surprise and delight Bobbie arrived at their doorstep nearly six months later, worn and weary from his 2,800 mile journey. He became a local hero and received national notoriety when his story was broadcast and people across the county claimed they had seen or helped the indomitable pet at points along his trip. Located along S. Water Street, Bobbie the Wonder Dog was painted by Lori L Rodrigues in 2004