9-11 Memorial Mural


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David McDonald

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500 West C Street


The 9-11 Mural

One of David McDonald’s most powerful works. This mural not only memorializes the brave actions of those involved in the tragedy on 9-11, but also the heroes from all of America’s wars and the people who helped to shape our history. Here are the thoughts from the artist himself on this poignant work of art:


“The people, places and dates that frame the 9-11 mural represent our country’s history.

Sometimes the name, place and date are all recognizable like: John Hancock, Philadelphia, 1776.

In other instances the name, although an actual person, is obscure to a modern audience. In these cases the date and. place may inform the viewer of its meaning.

And yes, many of modern names are of local Silvertonians. These people may not exact wide historical importance, but they are valuable to us… or maybe just me.”

– David McDonald

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