Tonya Smithburg has been repairing murals in Silverton since 2009 when Lori Webb introduced her to the Mural Society. Since then, every summer she goes around to assess the damage from the weather and sets to work restoring. In 2012 Tonya received her first mural project: The Harvey Mikkelson Steam-Up Festival located on the side of the Elks Lodge. 

Then in 2014 the opportunity to recreate the Norman Rockwell Four Freedom Murals was presented. The murals had been previously painted in town twenty years earlier by David McDonald but then the building was torn down in 2014. The murals took Tonya two years to complete. They were painted on panels on what was then Seven Brides Brewery. 

Tonya has been an artist her whole life working in mostly acrylic and oil paints. Her original artwork can be found sprinkled about in businesses in downtown Silverton.