Silverton city of the falls mural


Lori L.  Rodriguez

Date Completed



Main Street Bridge


Silverton City of the Falls

This mural, located at the Main Street bridge, was painted by artist Lori Webb in 1998. It is a celebration of Silver Falls State Park, which was made famous by local commercial photographer June Drake in the 1920s. At 8,706 acres, Silver Falls Park is Oregon’s largest and most popular state park. It features ten spectacular waterfalls within a four mile radius and is said to have been first seen by settlers passing through the area in April 1812. The first permanent settlers to the area – Daniel Waldo, his family, and sixty-eight head of cattle – arrived by wagon train from Independence, Missouri in 1843. The water falls feed Sliver Creek, which runs out of the park, through farms and forests, and meanders through the heart of our fair city.


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