About Silverton Mural Society

The Silverton Mural Society's main mission is to share art with the public that depicts key events and people throughout Silverton's history. The following link for a video created by IGNITE Motion Pictures, offers a quick overview of the Mural Society from some of its members.


Another mission is to attract people from all over the Pacific Northwest to see Silverton's larger-than-life art and keep the town vital. It started in the early 1990s when local artist David McDonald painted Norman Rockwell's famous “Four Freedoms.” More wall murals followed, including Silverton native son Homer Davenport, Old Oak Tree, The Gallon House Bridge, Silverton vintage baseball teams and others in what has evolved into an outsized museum of art.

You can take a virtual tour of the murals using the free app for iPhones and iPads. Chip Uricchio developed and updates the app for the Mural Society as a hobby. It took a long time and therefore there is no android version. The Silverton Mural Society appreciates his efforts and for designing this web page. You can find the app in the apple app store: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/silverton-mural-society/id1175862773