Newsletter August 2021

Thursday, September 30, 2021 11:30 AM

Silverton Mural Society

P.O. Box 880

Silverton, OR 97381

Norm English - President: 503.930.7074 (cell)

Tonya Smithburg – Secretary

Chris Davie - Treasurer: 503.873.4952

 Quarterly Palette Newsletter – August 2021


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Greetings to Members & Supporters of Silverton Murals

The ‘Mural Season’ is in High Gear:

The warm weather is here, and our muralists are hard at work refreshing our murals around town. Touchup has already taken place on the Santa Claus, Bobby, Gallon House Bridge, and City of the Falls murals. New member, Tami Biamont, who ‘hit-the-ground-running’, when she joined the Silverton Mural Society, got her first taste of touchup painting for us recently with the Santa Claus mural, and we are grateful for her talents.

And, of course, the Bobby mural received its ‘heavy dose’ of paint in many spots, now almost a yearly ritual, due in large part to its placement on an unprotected wall that is highly exposed to the elements, the only one of our murals that does not have a building behind it. But thanks to the talent of Tonya and Kali, with help from Tami & Barbara, it is looking very sharp once again.

And so, the work continues as we tick the murals off, one at a time, so visitors and locals alike can enjoy the beauty and Silverton history that graces each of them.

Views from ‘Mural Season’

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(L): Hard at work doing touchup on the Gallon House Bridge Mural are Kali Dirks, Tami Biamont, and Barb Kennard; R): Tami & Tonya enjoying a ‘lighter moment,’ as they survey the next move in the touchup process

The ‘sharp looking’ Santa Claus Mural after touchup was completed, with the newly planted flowers at the base - 2021

We’re Back!

It’s taken more than 15 months to get there, but once again, the mural society is back in the thick of our community’s activities. Thanks, in large part, to the enthusiasm of newer members like Chris Davie and Tami Biamont, who have helped revitalize some of us who’ve been around awhile, the Silverton Mural Society is ‘off and rollin,’ once again. Buoyed by the recent retrieval of a number of mural items that were feared lost or misplaced for some time and perhaps gone forever, we recently ‘set up shop’ (or rather, a brand-new canopy) at Silverton’s First Friday event and Oregon Crafter’s Market on the July 4th weekend, and will have our tent at the Silverton Fine Arts Festival the weekend of August 21-22. Our presence at these local ‘happenings’ has given us an opportunity to ‘peddle our wares,’ create an awareness of the society, and help raise funds and solicit new memberships. And the effort has proven quite successful. A huge THANK YOU to all who helped or are helping with this effort! In addition, a recent Membership Solicitation mailing handled by Treasurer Chris Davie, yielded a number of renewals. As of July 12th, our paid memberships stand at 33.


(L): New Member/Touchup Artist Tami Biamont in the new mural society tent at the Oregon Crafter’s Market; R): Treasurer Chris Davie and Tami after hanging the banner – July 3, 2021

Summer Outdoor Meetings:

Starting in May, the Silverton Mural Society began having our monthly meetings outdoors in Silverton’s Town Square Park, to take full advantage of our warm-weather season, as well as for health and safety reasons during the pandemic. It was a lovely spot to set up our chairs. We plan on continuing with this location for as long as it’s feasible, then look for an indoor space to meet, later this fall and winter.

Outdoor mural meeting in Town Square Park – L to R: Chris Davie, Tami Biamont, Barb Kennard, Kali Dirks, Tonya Smithburg, and Ellen Snow – July 14, 2021 (photograph by Norm English)

Bobby Doghouse gets rejuvenated:

After several years of braving the elements in its highly visible location close by the Bobby mural, and then temporarily being moved off-site for several months while the parking lot where it’s been located was reworked, the replica of Bobby’s doghouse is getting a renewal, especially a brand-new roof. We especially want to thank our friends at Professional Quality Roofing LLC in Silverton, for their donation/ installation of composition roofing, and it looks great!